Ski Resort Posters at

February 25th, 2009

I found a site this evening for those of us who enjoy the fine art of ski resort trail maps, – Ski Resort Posters. According to their about us page, they are located in Stowe, Vermont. These poster sized prints would look great in any ski cabin, private bar, man cave or office.

In addition to the posters they also supply glassware and greeting cards emblazened with your favorite ski resort trail maps, national parks and vintage ski photos. I will definitely be filing this in my bookmarks under “wants and desires”… hint, hint.

From what I can tell it looks like they have it going; large selection, secure payment methods and an easy to use shopping cart. Way to go! a Site for Trail Reviews

November 13th, 2008

I stumbled across a cool site today that hits close to home. The site,, provides reviews of hiking trails, snowshoeing trails and ski trails for Northern California and the world.

Being a native Northern Californian I can appreciate a site dedicated to discovering the beauty of NorCal.

Being a web designer and developer, I can also appreciate the simple design and elegant approach they have taken.

Being a native Tahoian (South Lake Tahoe to be precise), I can especially appreciate the reviews they have compiled on a few of my home town resorts.

Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Reviews, hope to see you on the mountain.

Expand Your Trail Map Collection

November 10th, 2008

Did you know that you can buy and sell trail maps on ebay?

For kicks I went on ebay this evening and did a search for “ski trail maps” and to my surprise people are selling new and old trail maps for $5-$10.

There was even a 1939 AMC Ski Trail Map from Pinkham Notch Camp in New Hampshire starting at $9.99.

I would love to find an old trail map from Sugar Bowl dating back to the Walt Disney Days… If anyone has one please contact me :)

The Ski Map Artist

August 26th, 2008

Chances are, you have come across a trail map with the signature of James Niehues at the bottom. According to wikipedia he has done 75% of all the large resorts. Working primarily in water color Niehues has made his mark on the Trail Map Industry in a big way.

Trail Maps are a challenging assignment for any artist, as they must represent; elevation changes, terrain features and prominent landmarks all while conveying a ton of detailed trail information. It seems as though its the ultimate Graphic Design meets Fine Art example.

From his website I found that he is currently taking his masterful skills to the web, which seems logical. I would really love to own an original Trail Map Painting of one of my hometown resorts, how cool would that be?

Cool 3d Trail Maps

July 27th, 2008

Playing around today, I ran into a site that makes 3D maps of Ski Resorts. It overlays the steepness of the hill with color gradient mapping. These 3dSkiMap’s look like really high tech topo-maps. It really creates a cool effect that you just don’t see in your run of the mill resort trail map.

Kirkwood 3d Ski Map

I find it amazing that they have such a selection of maps, they have about 40 maps right now, spanning 8 states and even a couple resorts from Russia. I do have to say that they need to add my home town favorite Sierra at Tahoe.

Mammoth Mountain – California

July 24th, 2008

The Mammoth Mountain trail map does not do it any justice. That hill is so large that its hard to capture the actual scale of it. I’ve probably spent about 20 days on that mountain and have yet to see all that it offers.

I do like the way that they offer a printable PDF, but really… who wants to print a trail map on printer paper.

The detail in the background of the trail map is unbelievable. I bet if you look closely you can see Yosemite.